Podcast with SupplyChain247

Podcast with SupplyChain247

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Director of Automated Packaging Solutions N.A. for Sparck Technologies, Sean Webb, recently sat down with Michael Levans, Group Editorial Director for Peerless Media, to discuss the benefits automated packaging can bring to your fulfillment operation in a podcast with Supplychain247.

With e-commerce here to stay, increased demands on your packaging and shipping process consume valuable time, money and labor resources. Add final-mile challenges and heightened delivery expectations, and these all put unique pressures on the nation’s fulfillment operations.

There is little doubt that the race to faster, more efficient package fulfillment and shipping has been accelerated, and by implementing automated packaging, companies can effectively overcome most of these challenges while gaining that competitive advantage and future-proofing their operation

The CVP Automated Packaging Solution’s two models, CVP Impack and CVP Everest, optimize order fulfillment, decrease labor costs and reduce package volume for shippers across a variety of industries. The auto-boxing systems measure, construct, seal, weigh and label each custom single- or multi-item order in a fit-to-size box while eliminating or reducing the need for void fill. The CVP Impack packs up to 500 parcels per hour requiring only one or two operators while the CVP Everest auto-boxes up to 1,100 parcels per hour and uses two operators. These solutions offer a 50% reduction in shipping volume and 88% reduction in packing labor, providing some customers with a full return on investment in as little as 6 to 18 months depending on parcel volume.

Top 4 Podcast Takeaways

Overcome Labor Constraints

By only requiring one or two operators, Sean discusses how the CVP combats several labor issues, including sourcing labor, lack of labor reliability, unpredictable peak periods, and space constraints.

Material & Transportation Savings

Due to fit-to-size boxing and eliminating the need for void fill, the CVP lowers transportation, shipping, and DIM weight costs. Sean explains how fewer truckloads are needed and shippers experience an average of 32% savings in freight costs.

Improved Sustainability

While fast delivery times continue to be a focal point, consumers also want to purchase from environmentally friendly companies. Sean discusses how auto-packing can strengthen your green initiatives while improving the customer experience.

High Performance & Efficiencies

Automated Packaging Solutions produce many efficiencies and cost savings, including reduced shipping volume. Sean discusses some actual customer use cases and their ROI opportunities.

CVP Impack automated packaging solution
CVP Everest Automated Packaging Solution

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