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An automated packaging solution can transform your fulfillment strategy by reducing parcel packaging costs, ensuring all steps of the process are optimized, even when laborers are hard to find.

How Effective is Your Parcel Packaging Process?


The pressure to increase efficiency is reaching new heights.

Labor recruiting and retention obstacles continue to hinder the growth of many companies who simply cannot meet the fulfillment demands of today’s consumers without first addressing their staffing issues. The factors that play into these barriers to growth include employee benefits, safety protocol concerns, technology performance and pathways for promotion. How are you going to make sure your business can keep up when faced with all these labor constraints?

Peak demands remain unpredictable at best.

The e-commerce boom of the last few years has provided shippers with more opportunities to reach customers and has created unprecedented levels of growth for many companies. This opportunity comes at the cost of a greater need for laborers to meet the increasing surges in demand in today’s economy that no longer resemble traditional peak periods. Labor is one of the first places companies begin to see the effects of inefficiency and the strain of outdated technologies. Shippers need scalable, reliable and flexible solutions that will support the ups and downs of the e-commerce landscape and stay competitive.

Parcel Shipping spents

Stock box inventory continues to clog limited warehouse space.

Shippers are not only tasked with managing their work forces and product inventories but also their stock box inventory, which can quickly take over a significant amount of warehouse space. An extensive stock box inventory also means needing to have an inventory of dunnage materials like bubble wrap, paper rolls and air pillows on hand to pad the empty space in oversized stock boxes. What could you accomplish if you had the opportunity to free up dozens of box inventory SKUs and valuable floor space?

Other Common Labor Constraints

Labor Unavailability

Training and Skills Costs

Unreliable & Inconsistent

Peak Labor Fluctuations

Overcome Your Labor Challenges Once and For All

Triumph over labor barriers in your fulfillment process today.

Triumph over labor barriers in your fulfillment process today.

Inefficient processes, excess costs, and inconsistent outputs tend to accumulate around manual labor. By streamlining your fulfillment process with a right-sized, automated solution you can reduce labor costs and relieve the pressures associated with capacity constraints like absenteeism, turnover and retention.

Labor shortage | Automated Packaging Solution

Optimize productivity and future-proof your business with automated packaging.

Are you tired of wading through a shrinking labor pool for quality candidates? If so, then download our labor e-book today to see how you can implement auto-boxing technology for an efficient process and significant labor cost savings.

Taylor implements automated packaging

From the automation standpoint, we’re always looking for a pretty quick payback, and we’re seeing higher labor savings than we expected.”

Rick Martin | Director of Distribution Operations at Taylor Corp.

CVP Impack | Sparck Technologies

Increased efficiencies
Up to 500 boxes per hour

CVP Everest | Sparck Technolies
CVP Everest | Sparck Technologies

Maximum flexibility
Up to 1,100 boxes per hour

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