Growing ecommerce order volumes, labor constraints, final mile challenges and heightened delivery expectations are all putting unique pressures on fulfillment operations. See how auto-boxing can deliver reliable and efficient packaging automation.

Packaging Automation Helps Companies Do More With Less

Meant to protect products during shipping, packaging is a crucial aspect of e-commerce. With 96 percent of U.S. growth expected to come from ecommerce by 2023, it’s no secret that every industry has been affected by unpredictability, shipping limitations because of carrier constraints, labor challenges, and adjustments in selling strategies as the world shifted to online shopping. E-commerce shippers’ packaging challenges don’t end there. There’s also DIM weight charges, inefficient picking and packing processes, and sustainability demands to contend with.

Packaging Automation

The packaging process is evolving

Growing e-commerce order volumes, labor constraints, final-mile challenges, and heightened delivery expectations are all putting unique pressures on the nation’s fulfillment operations. With many of these operations still reliant on manual processes, spreadsheets, and aging technology systems, keeping up with the competition and meeting ever-changing customer demands are difficult at best.

By implementing warehouse automation for the parcel packaging process, companies can effectively overcome all these challenges while also future-proofing their operations and preparing them for the next potential disruption.

High-speed automation to support high-tech warehouses

Parcel packaging is one link in the fulfillment chain that’s still handled by employees who receive the goods, select the shipping box, pack the goods, insert the void fill, label the parcel, and then send it to the shipping department. This critical-but-redundant task can easily be handled by automated equipment which, in turn, lets employees focus on more important activities inside the warehouse.

Today’s manufacturers, distributors, e-commerce companies, and retailers want lower packaging and shipping costs. Their customers expect fast, free and sustainable delivery and packaging. Automated packaging technology checks off all of these boxes while delivering a host of other benefits for the companies that use them.

Packaging Automation

Automated packaging that scales with your business

Few shippers have either the physical space or the available labor to create additional packing stations for what may be only a few days, weeks or months of work. Shippers must be prepared to cope with the new reality of frequent and dramatic spikes in consumer demand.

Automated packaging systems effectively scale with your business during times of peak, all while creating right-sized boxes. The CVP Impack packs up to 500 parcels per hour and requires only one operator while the CVP Everest packs up to 1,100 parcels per hour and uses two operators, meeting social distancing requirements and eliminating those HR headaches.

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When you invest in automated packaging, everyone wins.

Learn how reliable auto-boxing can optimize your fulfillment operations in one seamless process while saving you labor, shipping and material costs.

Automated Packaging Power

Increased Efficiencies
Up to 500 boxes per hour

CVP Impack | Sparck Technologies

High-Velocity Packaging

Maximum Flexibility
Up to 1,100 boxes per hour

CVP Everest | Sparck Technolies

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