As increased buying power continues to create opportunity for a range of businesses, parcel packaging challenges can limit growth and compromise customer relationships.

What are Your Pain Points?

Sparck Technologies - Automation for Speed and Flexibility


With parcel volume booming, warehouse labor shortages are at an all time high. Ensure all steps of the packaging process are optimized with auto-boxing, even when laborers are hard to find.

Sparck Technologies - Smart Auto-Boxing to Reduce Labor Costs

Shipping Volume

Why pay to ship air? Automated packaging will reduce shipping volume and material usage due to an optimized sized box.

Sparck Technologies - Efficient, Eco-conscious Auto-Boxing

DIM Weight

Many shippers send parcels in oversized boxes that cause unnecessarily high shipping costs due to DIM weight charges. Combat increased shipping costs with auto-boxing.

Sparck Technologies - Materials spend

Materials Spend

The demand for and price of corrugate continues to rise. Reduce corrugate spend and eliminate larger than required boxes and void fill usage with fit-to-size auto-boxing.

Sparck Technologies - Speed


Time is money, and speed is the name of the packaging game. Automated packaging will increase throughput while using less.

Sparck Technologies - Customer Experience

Customer Experience

Parcel packaging is an important component of the customer experience, yet many companies discount this final supply chain step. Auto-box for great first impressions.

Sparck Technologies - Reliability


Today’s shippers are looking for more reliable processes to get orders out without downtime. Drive trust-worthy process efficiencies with auto-boxing.

Sparck Technologies - Peak Seasons

Peak Seasons

Every year customer demands get higher and companies are pushed to the edge. Alleviate peak season packaging challenges with auto-boxing.

Sparck Technologies - Sustainability


While fast delivery times continue to be a focal point, consumers also want to purchase from environmentally friendly companies. Auto-box to strengthen your green initiatives.

CVP Impack

Find out how to pack smarter, faster and more efficiently with auto-boxing.

No matter what your challenge, Sparck will help you:

  • Save an average of 88% in labor costs and eliminate 8 to 16 packing stations
  • Reduce shipping costs by an average of 45% when DIM weight is required
  • Save an average of 29% in corrugate material and eliminate or reduce box inventory SKUs

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What’s New in Auto-Boxing

Sparck Technologies supplied for Polish electronics retailer, Terg SA 1200 1000 Sparck Technologies

Sparck Technologies supplied for Polish electronics retailer, Terg SA

JD deploys ‘right-size’ auto-packaging from Sparck 1200 1000 Sparck Technologies

JD deploys ‘right-size’ auto-packaging from Sparck

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