King Jouet is bridging the gap in Santa’s sack with the help of Sparck Technologies

King Jouet is bridging the gap in Santa’s sack with the help of Sparck Technologies

King Jouet is bridging the gap in Santa’s sack with the help of Sparck Technologies 1200 1000 Sparck Technologies

To keep up with the rapid growth of its e-commerce business and handle the holiday season rush, King Jouet in France has adopted Sparck Technologies’ 3D packaging technology. This customized automated packaging system, installed at their warehouse in Rives-sur-Fure (Isère), allows the retailer to optimize the loading of Santa’s sack by reducing the transportation of empty goods by 45%.

As the festive season approaches, toy retailers face a crucial time, managing a significant surge in business and an ever-increasing number of e-commerce orders. Among those committed to fulfilling children’s dreams is King Jouet. The retailer has invested €15 million to expand its logistics platform in Rives-sur-Fure, Isère. This strategic investment has led to the construction of three new cells, including one dedicated entirely to e-commerce orders. “Since the Covid-19 pandemic, the French have rediscovered their love for toys. We have experienced record-breaking online sales. To keep up with this strong growth, we decided to increase our storage capacity and invest in an automated packaging system,” explains Abdelatif Karali, the group’s supply chain director. Inaugurated in September, the platform has expanded by 18,000 m2, now covering 42,000 m2. The warehouse boasts 25,000 reserve storage spaces, 30,000 picking spaces, and 160,000 m3 of usable storage space.

The CVP Impack has successfully decreased the volume of empty space carried in trucks by 45%, thereby making a positive contribution to the environment.

King Jouet

Up to 500 boxes per hour

Automating the process of packing online toy orders, King Jouet opted for 3D packaging technology from Sparck Technologies. Installed in June 2023, the company’s CVP Impack system has the capability to produce custom shipping cartons at speeds of up to 500 boxes per hour. This system not only improves productivity but also allows the retailer to make significant savings on packaging costs by eliminating the need for empty cartons and reducing the amount of cushioning material required to preserve product quality. Consequently, King Jouet has reduced cardboard purchases by 20% and decreased the use of cushioning materials by 85% for all shipments. In terms of transportation, CVP Impack has also reduced the amount of empty space transported in trucks by 45%, resulting in a positive impact on the environment. “We will reduce the number of trucks needed to deliver to our customers by half or even threefold,” emphasizes Abdelatif Karali. Eventually, the system will process 600,000 e-commerce orders annually. The toys are well-packaged, sealed with paper tape, ensuring 100% environmentally friendly and recycled packaging.

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