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SportOkay drives packaging performance with Sparck’s CVP Impack

SportOkay drives packaging performance with Sparck’s CVP Impack

SportOkay drives packaging performance with Sparck’s CVP Impack 1273 824 Sparck Technologies

Outdoor specialist SportOkay.com uses automated packaging system CVP Impack to boost shipping performance.

Quadient (Euronext Paris: QDT) has installed its first fully automated CVP Impack automated packaging solution in Innsbruck Tirol, Austria. SportOkay World, one of leading outdoor retailers in the DACH region, has invested in Sparck’s advanced fit-to-size automated packaging system to enhance the performance of its fulfilment operations, giving it the capacity to meet the demands of fast delivery.

In its brand new central warehouse, SportOkay has over 40,0000 items of more than 300 well known brands in stock. From outdoor clothing and hiking gear to alpine items, about 95% of the online orders have to meet a next day delivery in its core markets of Germany and Austria. In order to meet this fast delivery, SportOkay.com is using a highly automated picking process.


Once the orders have been picked, the CVP Impack takes care of the entire packaging process. Optimising all steps of the packaging process, the CVP Impack measures, constructs, tapes, weighs and labels each parcel in one seamless process – creating a fit-to-size box for single- or multi-item orders of variable dimensions. Thanks to the tailor-made cardboard boxes, up to 30 percent corrugated material is saved and transport volume is cut down by 50%. For the majority of orders, the company no longer requires any void filling material in the packages.

Richard Nijboer - Sparck Technologies

“After we stepped into sales in the DACH region this year, we are very pleased to conclude several contracts in Germany and have now sold the first system in Austria.”

Richard Nijboer | Director Sales and |Operations at Sparck Technologies.

High throughput with CVP Impack

The high throughtput of the CVP Impack and the desire to be prepared for sudden surges in demand were of utmost importance when investing in the CVP Impack. But on top of that, the Austrian outdoor retailer was looking for a solution that could fit into their already highly automated warehouse. Konrad Plankensteiner, CEO of SportOkay.com says “The installation of the machine went really fast, and because of that, we were able to boost our packaging performance  almost immediately.” Before SportOkay decided to implement the CVP Impack, the company extensively researched the packaging solution at the Sparck production site in Drachten, The Netherlands. It was critical SportOkay made sure the CVP Impack was the answer to their packaging challenges.

Peak season

Following the demands placed upon the business through the boom in online orders during the COVID-19 lockdowns and extreme peak season, SportOkay.com faced a 100 percent increase in sales in November compared to the same month in 2019. “Despite the peak in demand, we were able to pack and ship the items without any delay. In addition, thanks to the CVP Impack, the risk of employees being infected with COVID-19 in the packaging area has decreased because less than half of the original staff is operational,” explains Plankensteiner.

Richard Nijboer, Head of Sales and Operation at Pacakging by Sparck is thrilled to be able to support SportOkay with automated packaging. “After we stepped into sales in the DACH region this year, we are very pleased to conclude several contracts in Germany and have now sold the first system in Austria,” says Richard Nijboer, Director Sales and Operations at Sparck.

About SportOkay

Specialised in clothing and sports equipment in outdoor, mountaineering, climbing, ski and bike sports as well as fitness, SportOkay offers more than 300 top brands. Being the first online shop to show products with 3D product presentation, customers can have a proper look at their new favourite articles already before buying them.

SportOkay is located in the heart of the Alps in Innsbruck, Austria. More than hundreds of thousands of happy customers are thrilled about the fast and reliable shipping  of top brand products to Austria, Germany, Italy and within the European Union. Amongst the most popular products at SportOkay.com are Suunto watches, Scott & Giant mountain bikes, alpine skis, freeride skis, ski touring skis, avalanche transceivers, leisure clothing, backpacks, climbing shoes, running and hiking shoes, as well as outdoor accessory.

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We are proud to say that CVP Impack has been honored with prestigious global awards

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