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The CVP Impack saves cardboard and boosts sustainability for ASDA

The CVP Impack saves cardboard and boosts sustainability for ASDA

The CVP Impack saves cardboard and boosts sustainability for ASDA 1920 1035 Sparck Technologies

The CVP Impack saves cardboard and boosts sustainability for ASDA.

Sparck Technologies, a leading global supply chain technology solutions provider welcomed a new e-commerce retail customer for its CVP Impack solution in the United Kingdom. ASDA’s desire to remove capacity constraints during peak periods has led the business to acquire the CVP Impack .

ASDA is one of the UK’s largest supermarket brands, serving over 19 million customers every week across a broad range of estate formats from supercentres and convenience stores to ASDA Living, which is dedicated to George Home, Fashion and general merchandise. Launched in 2014, George Home has grown rapidly, supported by strong ecommerce sales through George.com. Customer service is a core focus for the business and this extends to the fulfilment operation with all its attendant requirements for fast order processing, efficient packing and reliable delivery.

Andrew Coffey, Senior Manager for Engineering Development and Innovation for ASDA Logistics Services explains: “We wanted to move towards a right-size packaging solution as we saw huge benefits from reducing the amount of card we used, as well as getting more pacrcels on a trailer through building smaller boxes.

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ASDA Clipper pacakaging by Sparck

Following the installation of the CVP Impack in September 2019, ASDA has been able to remove one 40ft trailer a day from the road – a significant cost saving and environmental benefit. The business is also expecting to buy around 30% less cardboard for the same volume of packages produced by the pre-existing system.  There are important advantages to ASDA customers too. Some 65% of ecommerce orders are click & collect from an ASDA store. By creating custom sized packaging for each order the customer receives a compact, right-sized box, which is more convenient to carry, eliminates ‘consumer distress’ over wasteful packaging and delivers a positive environmental message. For the ASDA pick up points, smaller packages save on storage space too.

Jo Bradley, Business Development Manager for Sparck in the UK, says: “We are delighted to supply one of our CVP Impack Automated Packaging Solutions to ASDA. We’re confident that the fit-to-size automated packaging solution will provide significant productivity gains for the business, increasing capacity and throughput, while reducing the pressure on labour resources during peak periods .”

With this installation Pacakging by Sparck, the Automated Packaging Solutions provider, has installed its sixth CVP Impack fully automated auto-boxing machine in the UK.

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