Sparck’s latest generation CVP-500 for Lasaulec

Sparck’s latest generation CVP-500 for Lasaulec

Sparck’s latest generation CVP-500 for Lasaulec 1920 770 Sparck Technologies

Fully-automated packing system installed in Heerenveen’s technical wholesaler’s new hall.

Lasaulec’s central warehouse in Heerenveen has over 150,000 SKUs in stock, from screwdrivers to welding units and everything in between. Every day, over 2,000 orders leave the building and this number is rising annually. In order to keep up with the growth physical expansion of their current facility was essential.

Anne Lourens, Lasaulec’s managing director: “Lasaulec has made a serious investment in order to meet the increasing demand and for future growth. In September of this year, our new warehouse was opened and began operation. In total, we have an additional 3.000 m2 of floor space, 24 new Modula cabinets (automated storage systems) and a brand-new CVP-500 automated packing machine to prepare all orders for shipping.”

This packing machine is Sparck’s CVP-500, a fully-automated solution that packages orders in custom fit to size parcels. The employee places the order on the machine and hits ‘go’. Next, a 3D scanner meticulously measures the volume of the order then automatically a custom-fit box is cut out of cardboard, folded around the order and labelled on the spot. Every 7 seconds, a new parcel without any unnecessary void-fill material rolls out of the machine.

In 2014, Lasaulec was one of the first companies in the world to fully automate its packing process with the purchase of the CVP-500. Marc Aandeweg, Head of Global Sales & Operations at Sparck Technologies: “When we introduced our fit to size packing machine three years ago, Lasaulec was one of our first customers. It was a machine out of the first batch and since then the CVP-500 has been further developed. For instance, the volume of the smallest box has decreased by as much as 40%. So, we’re thrilled that now, just three years later, we can install this latest generation CVP-500 in the new hall.”

The CVP-500’s reliability and high level of automation played a decisive role in deciding to work with Sparck once again. Anne Lourens: “We’ve been fully satisfied working with the first version of the packing machine and now we’re moving on with the latest technology. With this combination of innovation, automation and efficiency, Lasaulec can process over 3,300 orderlines an hour. This way, we’ll have no trouble whatsoever dealing with the predicted growth in the coming years”.

The machine was delivered and installed mid-November.

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