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As increased buying power continues to create opportunity for a range of businesses, parcel packaging challenges can limit growth and compromise customer relationships.

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With parcel volume booming, warehouse labour shortages are at an all time high. Ensure all steps of the packaging process are optimized with automated fit-to-size packaging, even when labourers are hard to find.

Less shipping volume due to automated packaging

Shipping volume

Why pay to ship air? Automated packaging will reduce shipping volume and material usage due to an optimized sized box.

Materials Spend

Materials spend

The demand for and price of corrugate continues to rise. Reduce corrugate spend and eliminate larger than required boxes and void fill usage with fit-to-size auto-packing.



Time is money, and speed is the name of the packaging game. Automated packaging will increase throughput while using less.

Peak Seasons

Peak seasons

Every year customer demands get higher and companies are pushed to the edge. Alleviate peak season packaging challenges with automated packaging.

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While fast delivery times continue to be a focal point, consumers also want to purchase from environmentally friendly companies. Automate your packaging to strengthen your green initiatives.

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Today’s shippers are looking for more reliable processes to get orders out without downtime. Drive trust-worthy process efficiencies with fit-to-size packaging.

Customer Experience

Customer experience

Parcel packaging is an important component of the customer experience, yet many companies discount this final supply chain step. Auto-pack for great first impressions.

Social distancing measures in the warehouse

Social distancing

Online fulfillment operations will need to adapt to the new normal of social distancing. With automated packaging space constraints and social distancing are no longer a barrier to progress.

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Challenges packaging process

Find out how to pack smarterfaster and more efficiently with auto-packing

  • High-speed inline auto-packer
  • Fit-to-size box for each order
  • Eliminates the need for void fill
  • Volume reduction up to 50%
  • Replaces up to 30 manual packaging stations

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Create the perfect fit-to-size parcel with the lowest possible costs.

What’s new in fit-to-size packaging

Versatile print-on-box system for CVP Impack and Everest 2024 1430 Sparck Technologies

Versatile print-on-box system for CVP Impack and Everest

Van Eupen installs CVP Impack
Van Eupen in Germany buys sustainable CVP Impack 2560 1920 Sparck Technologies

Van Eupen in Germany buys sustainable CVP Impack

Sustainable packaging systems: Lighthouse project at Lampenwelt 2560 1707 Sparck Technologies

Sustainable packaging systems: Lighthouse project at Lampenwelt

x-kom Poland packs with CVP Everest 1920 681 Sparck Technologies

x-kom Poland packs with CVP Everest

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