Sports and outdoor goods packaging

Companies specialising in shipping sports and outdoor goods face a vast diversity of sizes when it comes to the goods they sell. For example, shoes require a different size and type of packaging than a sports watch.

Automated packaging solution for sports and outdoor goods

In addition, demand for online items continues to climb to great heights. To meet this huge demand, a more efficient packaging method is needed.

Our automated packaging solutions enable your company to package up to 1,100 items per hour in custom boxes. This means productivity remains high even during busy periods, such as the run-up to the summer season. In addition, packaging and shipping costs are significantly reduced.

Environmentally friendly packaging for sports and outdoor goods

In the current market, sustainability is of growing importance to consumers as well as companies. Consumers are keen to shop with companies that are known to be environmentally friendly. To package in an environmentally responsible way, it is necessary to reduce the volume of unnecessary empty space in the shipping boxes.

Our automated packaging solutions eliminate the use of void fill material by making the shipping box to the exact size required. This has the positive effect that the item is better protected during transport while also cutting packaging costs. The savings in the use of cardboard can reach up to 30%. There is also the option of using recycled cardboard, which is even more sustainable. To achieve completely sustainable packaging, you can opt for paper tape rather than plastic tape to seal the boxes. This also helps when recycling the packaging.

The European Commission has announced a new law for packaging: the Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation (PPWR). The aim of this new law is to cut the volume of unnecessary air in parcels down to a maximum of 40%. With the automatic packaging solutions from Sparck Technologies, this requirement is easily met, thanks to the seamless packaging our machines provide.

Print your logo on the packaging

A good first impression is an important part of the customer experience. Therefore, clear brand visibility is crucially important when shipping. The chance that a consumer shares a photo of a parcel shipped with effective branding is 55% higher compared to when they receive a plain parcel.

Our CVP Impack and CVP Everest packaging solutions offer the additional option of printing custom messages. High quality is guaranteed because the quality of the printers goes up to 360 dpi. Another option is branded cardboard that already bears a logo. Increase brand recognition and meet consumer expectations with customised printing.

CVP Everest high speed automated packaging

Up to 1100 packages per hour


Up to 50% volume savings

Up to 30% cardboard savings

CVP Impack

Create a right sized box every 7 seconds
Up to 500 boxes per hour

CVP Everest

Or step it up to every 3 seconds
Up to 1,100 boxes per hour


Our foundation is the reliability of our packaging solutions and the passion of experts. We provide you with support and service to aid you in a smooth, profitable fulfilment operation. Sparck has many assistance options that are customizable to your needs including:

  • Remote support
  • Daily reporting
  • On-site services
  • Parts support
  • Product training
  • Software maintenance

Our biggest priority is to ensure our customers meet or exceed their production through our direct customer support. To achieve this, our team contains several experienced engineers and technicians, who provide optimal support service.

Discover the benefits of automated packaging for the sports and outdoor activities industry

The use of automated packaging solutions offers many benefits to companies in the sports and outdoor activities industry. For instance, products are better protected during transportation thanks to the seamless packaging, which means products can no longer slide around inside the box. The CVP machines effortlessly package both single-item and multi-item orders. In addition, customised packaging gives consumers a positive first impression.

Using an automated packaging solution also means production does not become overstretched during busy periods, such as the summer holidays or major sports events. In today’s market, manual packaging is not sufficient, especially with this kind of peak periods. An optimal packaging process requires 3D technology that allows the package to be scanned, on which basis the solution creates custom packaging at a rate of up to 1,100 boxes per hour.

For companies, automated packaging is also extremely interesting from a financial point of view. On average, companies that use our machines achieve a reduction of 20% to 50% in box size, which results in a reduction in both the materials required and transport costs. The higher the volume of orders, the greater the savings. Based on your current processes, throughput levels and technologies, we would be delighted to estimate the potential ROI for your business.Each company is unique, and we would like to add a Sparck to each one!

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