x-kom Poland packs with CVP Everest

x-kom Poland packs with CVP Everest

x-kom Poland packs with CVP Everest 1920 681 Sparck Technologies

Perfect sized packaging at x-kom

Sparck Technologies has installed – in close cooperation with official partner E.Pack – the first CVP Everest automated packaging system in Poland at online e-retail giant x-kom. The high-speed auto-boxing system will support the business’ future growth plans for sustainable e-commerce.

x-kom is an established e-commerce group in Poland. The company has continuously leveraged technology solutions that efficiently cover clients’ ordering and support sustainable warehousing. The investment in the CVP Everest will boost the continued efforts of x-kom to reduce the environmental impact of its distribution centre and wider fulfillment and delivery operation as part of the wider sustainability journey.

Video of the CVP Everest at x-kom

High-speed and eco-friendly packaging

x-kom has released a video highlighting the smooth installation of the CVP Everest. The film demonstrates how the CVP Everest measures, constructs, seals and labels each parcel in one seamless process – reducing package volumes by up to 50% and cutting cardboard usage by up to 30%. Based on the number of orders x-kom is to ship in 2022, the company expects to save up to 5,500 trees being cut to produce the card.

Sparck Technologies’ CVP Everest high-speed packaging system uses 3D scanning technology to construct tailor-made, right-sized individual corrugate boxes around soft or hard goods of variable sizes. The CVP Everest can produce up to 1,100 fit-to-size boxes per hour or one parcel every three seconds. As the CVP Everest makes each package specifically to the size of each individual order, the customer experience is enhanced by receiving a right-sized box. In addition, trailer volumes are massively reduced which allows more orders to fit onto delivery trucks, reducing greenhouse gas emissions with fewer trucks needed.

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