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Case Study

Fast and automated, customised packaging is reaping big rewards for environmentally conscious outdoor-pursuits specialist retailer, Internet Fusion Group.

Case Study

Packing a punch

Internet Fusion Group (United Kingdom) is a fast-expanding online retail business with a portfolio of niche brands specialising in life-style products across surf, skate, snow, equestrian, motor sport, as well as premium street and outdoor fashion. Sites that will be familiar to outdoor and sports enthusiasts include: Surfdome, Ride-Away and Fitness Footwear.

Surviving and thriving in these niche markets demands a deep understanding of the products and market place, a keenness to pursue efficiency within its logistics and fulfillment operations and a strong desire to act responsibly on the shared values it holds with its customers.

To this end, minimising its environmental impact is a perennial focus for Internet Fusion Group. Like much of its customer base, the business shares a passion for creating a sustainable future, free from single-use plastics commonly used in packaging.

Internet Fusion Group Case Study
Adam Hall Internet Fusion Group

In terms of shipping volumes, our calculations indicate that the two CVP-500 machines will offer a reduction of 92 truck loads a year, due to the space savings of fit-to-size packaging.”
Adam Hall | Head of Sustainability at Internet Fusion Group

Front runners on sustainability and packaging

“We are very much front runners on sustainability and packaging,” says Adam Hall, Head of Sustainability at Internet Fusion Group. “Across the group our packaging is now 91% plastic-free and next year that percentage figure will look even better.”

The cost savings made in terms of lower shipping volumes and materials, such as void-fillers and fibreboard, are significant, which together with freed-up labour resources, offers a fast ROI and lower CO2 emissions. One CVP-500 automated packaging machine typically replaces eight to sixteen packing stations. Find out more about Internet Fusion at

Internet Fusion Group Case Study

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