ECS Tuning

Case Study

ECS Tuning is supporting current demands and setting themselves up for future growth with a CVP Impack Automated Packaging Solution on their side.

The case for automated packaging

ECS Tuning is a reseller and manufacturer of premium Euro-car repair parts, accessories, and performance products. With over 1.3 million part numbers in their catalog and all operations handled in house, ECS Tuning recognized that they did not have enough capacity in their manual packing process to consistently meet customer needs or expectations.

With the ongoing pursuit of excellence at the core of ECS Tuning’s mission to handle the recent explosion of part numbers (as a result of the development of newer models and increased vehicle complexity) they turned to the CVP Impack Automated Packaging Solution for help.

The addition of a right-sized packaging machine allowed them to remove the manual packing choke points while improving the efficiency of their existing full-time staff for higher-value tasks.

“With more associates picking orders, and a machine that can handle the volume, we anticipate a substantial increase in the number of orders moved out the door daily.”

Max Everhard | GM of Special Operations
at ECS Tuning

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