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CNB Computers benefits from automated packaging

Secure Automated Packaging for Less Shipping Damage

CNB Computers is North America’s leading provider of refurbished IT equipment. As the company ships delicate and costly items daily from its warehouse in Mississauga, Ontario, high customer service and undamaged goods are paramount to its business. Its customers also demand fast shipping and delivery. In order to meet these customers’ expectations, the company was interested in an automated solution that could offer highly efficient packaging and shipping.

75% Increase

in speed of shipping delivery times.

35% Decrease

of returned and damaged goods.

47% Reduction

in shipping costs.

87.5% Increase

in shipping output.

CNB Computers Challenges

The Challenge

  • Protect fragile IT equipment during shipping
  • Eliminate labor challenges
  • Accelerate packing throughput with automation
  • Exceed customer expectations when it comes to shipping

With Amazon constantly disrupting the shipping industry, we knew we needed to find a solution that allowed us to compete in the marketplace and ship orders within 24 hours or even faster. All while ensuring our product is packaged correctly and carefully to eliminate any damage during shipping

Bony Singh | Managing Director for CNB Computers Inc.

The Solution

CNB Computers turned to the CVP Automated Packaging Solution. In one seamless process, the CVP creates a custom-fit box while optimizing all steps of order packing, saving on labor, shipping and material costs. In addition to the new solutions timesaving abilities and its warehouse optimization, the CVP also offered significant labor savings, decreasing CNB Computer’s dependence on manual labor by more than half.

In just over a year with the CVP in operation, CNB Computers has increased its shipping output by 87.5% percent and has experienced cost savings by 47% percent. The solution has also allowed for faster shipping by increasing delivery time by 75% percent and decreasing returned and damaged equipment by 35% percent.

The company’s customer experience has been positively impacted and has significantly decreased the number of customer calls regarding order tracking and damaged goods. “The CVP is truly a standout, proven packaging technology,” added Singh. “Our customers have enjoyed the results of faster shipping with a better unboxing experience.”

CNB Computers Inc.

Packaging is now done at a higher rate of speed which has allowed us to increase productivity and ship in a more efficient way. The machine also offers dexterity of order sizes with a high throughput which has put us in the position to succeed. The cost savings from packaging materials and labor are just a bonus.

Bony Singh | Managing Director for CNB Computers Inc.

CNB Computers Study Case on Automated Packaging

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