Sparck Technologies Launches the High-Velocity CVP Everest

Sparck Technologies Launches the High-Velocity CVP Everest

Sparck Technologies Launches the High-Velocity CVP Everest 1921 771 Sparck Technologies

New fit-to-size auto-boxing technology overcomes today’s labor challenges and speeds up package fulfillment

KENNESAW, Ga.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Packaging by Quadient – soon to be Sparck, a leading provider of automated packaging solutions, announced today the launch of the CVP Everest. This new innovative system auto-boxes 1,100 custom-fit packages per hour, requires only one or two operators, and offers a patented closing technology for a more efficient and sustainable packaging process.

The CVP Everest is a high-velocity automated packaging technology that measures, constructs, seals, weighs and labels each single- or multi-item order with either soft or hard goods in one seamless process. This cutting-edge solution uses a patented gluing system to affix a custom-fit lid to each package for a faster fulfillment process. The CVP Everest also allows packaging of smaller items that wouldn’t be possible with a tape-sealed system. In addition, the system offers single or dual induct stations with one or two operators to produce high-volume speeds and maximize operational efficiency while eliminating up to 20 packing stations.

“With the launch of the CVP Everest, retailers can now build upon the groundbreaking results of the CVP Impack to achieve exponential increases in throughput and an even higher return on investment,” said Steve Brandt, North American director of automated packaging solutions at Packaging by Quadient. “The CVP Everest’s ability to create the smallest package every three seconds using only one or two operators optimizes all steps of parcel fulfillment. It also solves many business challenges, like labor shortages, reduces material and shipping costs, and ensures a successful peak shipping season.”

Keeping up with consumer demands, the CVP Everest prioritizes retailers’ efforts on efficiency and sustainability. The solution’s ability to create fit-to-size packages reduces package volumes by up to 50 percent, cuts corrugate material by 20 percent and completely eliminates void fill. The patented gluing system creates a fully corrugate package so it can be more easily recycled compared to taped packages. By creating the smallest parcel possible, more orders can fit in each trailer, greatly reducing a retailer’s carbon footprint while saving significant time and money on packaging and shipping costs.

The new CVP Everest is currently in operation at one of France’s largest e-commerce businesses. To watch a video of the CVP Everest in action, click here.

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