Fashion packaging automation

Meet the rising demand of the fashion industry with our automated packaging systems. Reduce material costs, reduce labor, be more sustainable, and optimize your packaging process!

Fashion packaging

Automated packaging systems can save fashion retailers a ton of time and money. Fashion retailers that are still manually packaging their orders experience a variety of challenges, such as limited labor resourses and experience difficulties packing during peak season.

Sparck Technologies offers automated packaging solutions that can help your fashion business thrive. Our machines are capable of packing up to 1,100 boxes per hour. With our technology, each package will be carefully sized to reduce the need for void fill materials, resulting in a more efficient and sustainable packaging process. Especially during high-demand periods like Black Friday, Sparck Technologies’ solutions are essential for significantly scaling with your throughput.

Sustainable fashion packaging

Reducing unnecessary use of materials and utilizing right-sized packaging are vital for sustainability. It becomes even more crucial when considering recent trends in legislation, such as the Packaging and Waste Regulation. In a nutshell, building a sustainable packaging process is imperative for survival in the industry.

Our automated packaging solutions offer a tailored box that matches your goods, reducing the need for void-fill materials and sometimes even reducing the shipping costs. This not only improves the customer experience but also makes your packaging process more sustainable by decreasing box volume and eliminating the requirement for plastic and other filling materials.

CVP Everest high speed automated packaging

Up to 1100 packages per hour


Up to 50% volume savings

Up to 29% cardboard savings

CVP Impack

Create a right sized box every 7 seconds
Up to 500 boxes per hour

CVP Everest

Or step it up to every 3 seconds
Up to 1,100 boxes per hour


With the purchase of an automated packaging machine, you don’t only receive the machine itself. Support and service are a very important part of your purchase. Our support team makes a personal commitment to deliver the best customer experience.

In order to keep the automated packaging systems running at peak performances, we offer excellent support and service. As a customer of Sparck Technologies, you can choose the support and service that meets your needs. For example:

  • Remote support
  • Daily reporting
  • On-site services
  • Parts support
  • Product training
  • Software maintenance

Our support and service is designed to help customers meet or exceed their fulfillment targets.

Experience the benefits of automated packaging in the fashion industry

Automated packaging has many benefits for the fashion industry against manual packaging:

  • Efficient packaging, with up to 1100 packages per hour
  • A perfect fit with 3D technology
  • Reduced transportation and DIM weight costs
  • Decreased material costs as fewer void-fill materials & cardboard are required
  • Replacing up to 20 manual packing stations
  • Unique branding options

Fashion business manage a vast range of items requiring the transition to 3D technology. This refined packaging solution ensures a wide array of products such as shoes, accessories or clothing are encased in perfectly fitting boxes.

There are several financial benefits of using automated packaging systems. On average, companies adopting our automated packaging systems observe a volume reduction ranging up to 50%, which decreases expenses related to materials, shipping, and labor. Furthermore, it improves customer experience by removing unnecessary void-fill materials.

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