Beauty, Health & Medical packaging automation

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Beauty, Health and Medical automated packaging

Particularly within this sector, there is paramount importance placed upon a high-quality, dependable, and secure packaging process. On top of that, the current market’s demands are growing, and automated packaging machines can help you reach your goals. The machinery is capable of generating over 40 million distinct box sizes, effectively catering to the variety of your product dimensions. Moreover, it accomplishes this at an impressive pace, manufacturing up to 1,100 packages each hour.

The equipment also offers the option for integrity cameras, designed to document the contents of the package consistently, ensuring the intended items remain secured until the end receiver opens it.

Furthermore, automated packaging machinery offers additional advantages including heightened sustainability, reduced overall packaging expenses, and the capability to customize the printing on your packaging.

Sustainable pharmaceutical packaging

Companies are increasingly being held accountable for their environmental impact. When placing online orders, customers anticipate packaging that reflects environmental responsibility. A lower percentage of empty space in packaging plays a crucial role in its sustainability, underscoring the importance of its optimization.

Our automated packaging solutions can assist your company in establishing an environmentally conscious packaging process. The need for void-fill materials is eliminated, minimizing waste. This, in turn, aids in reducing the empty space ratio.

Custom printed boxes

Our automated packaging solutions present multiple answers to this branding challenge. The CVPs can handle three distinct fanfold corrugate widths, reducing waste, while also offering three separate branding opportunities for your packaging. You have the flexibility to select from one of three branding options for each individual order, adding immense adaptability to your automated packaging process. This approach stimulates brand recognition, and it satisfies the customer expectations. In addition, the system offers the opportunity to add a quality printer, providing the potential for tailored messaging on each order.

CVP Everest high speed automated packaging

Up to 1,100 packages per hour


Up to 50% volume savings

Up to 29% cardboard savings

CVP Impack

Create a right sized box every 7 seconds
Up to 500 boxes per hour

CVP Everest

Or step it up to every 3 seconds
Up to 1,100 boxes per hour


At the heart of our offering lies the unmatched reliability of our packaging solutions, underpinned by the dedication of our experts. We’re committed to ensuring your fulfilment operation not only runs seamlessly but is also primed for profitability. In a market where staying competitive and ensuring swift deliveries are paramount, the efficiency of operations is vital.

Sparck presents a diverse range of tailored support options to suit your unique requirements:

  • Remote support
  • Comprehensive Daily Reports
  • Dedicated On-Site Services
  • Parts Support
  • Comprehensive Product Training
  • Software Maintenance

Your production targets aren’t just numbers to us; they’re milestones. Our utmost priority is to empower our clients to meet or surpass these milestones through our unwavering customer support. To this end, our skilled sales engineers and technicians, all poised to deliver exemplary support service. For those seeking additional support, we offer a premium support & service whereby we also support you during evening hours and weekends.

ROI & benefits of automated packaging for the beauty, health & medical industry

In the beauty, health & medical industry, automated packaging isn’t just a luxury, but a necessity that offers numerous advantages against manual packaging:

  • A perfect fit for the packaging box, over 40 million box sizes possible
  • Reduced labor costs
  • Reduced shipping costs and optimal usage of warehouse space
  • Fast order processing, up to 1,100 parcels per hour.
  • Option to use integrity cameras

In an era where order volumes are increasing, the scalability of your packing capacity becomes indispensable. The integration of 3D technology, measuring product dimensions, is pivotal in achieving packaging optimization. Elevate your packaging process to new heights of efficiency and save both time and money.

The economic benefits of integrating automated packaging systems are profound. On average, our customers report up to 50% reduction in shipping volume. This naturally translates to substantial reductions in material usage up to 30% and lower transportation costs. A CVP solution can replace up to 20 manual packing stations. As your order volume surges, the potential savings become even more striking, accelerating your return on investment.

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