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Reliable, High-Velocity Custom Packaging Solution Shines at Modex

Reliable, High-Velocity Custom Packaging Solution Shines at Modex

Reliable, High-Velocity Custom Packaging Solution Shines at Modex 1920 1080 Sparck Technologies

Two fit-to-size auto-boxing technologies impress attendees at Modex.

Sparck Technologies, an automated packaging solutions provider, showcased both the CVP Impack and CVP Everest at Modex to help companies overcome labor challenges while speeding up package fulfillment.

Attendees of Modex 2020 had the opportunity to experience the CVP Impack in person, which auto-boxes up to 500 customized corrugate packages per hour while reducing labor, shipping and material costs. This inline auto-boxer optimizes all steps of package fulfillment by measuring, constructing, boxing, taping, weighing and labeling each single- or multi-item order with one operator every seven seconds.

Attendees were excited to choose products to box on demand or auto-box their iPhone to capture the boxing process using their camera. Also featured was the newest automated packaging solution, the CVP Everest. This high-velocity auto-boxing technology optimizes all steps of package fulfillment by creating fit-to-size boxes for variable-dimension, single- or multi-item orders every three seconds. Both solutions offer a 50% reduction in shipping volume and 88% reduction in packing labor, providing some customers with a full return on investment in as little as six months.

After a week of inspiring conversations, we at Sparck Technologies, now more than ever, are motivated to evaluate and improve your packaging process with the most reliable auto-boxing solution on the market.

Learn more about the CVP Impack or CVP Everest on our product pages. To view our company page on the Modex Show website, click here.

Sparck Technologies at Modex 2020

Automated Packaging Power

Increased Efficiencies
Up to 500 boxes per hour

CVP Impack by Sparck

High-Velocity Packaging

Maximum Flexibility
Up to 1,100 boxes per hour

CVP Everest by Sparck

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