CVP-500 becomes CVP Impack

The CVP-500 has a successor

The CVP-500 is an automated packaging solution for fit-to-size packaging. This inline auto-boxer measures, constructs, tapes, weighs and labels each order every 7 seconds. It is the only solution on the market that will auto-box hard or soft single- or multi-item parcels without additional boxes, operators or equipment.

The prototype of the award winning CVP-500 was introduced in 2014. Ever since we have moved forward in automated packaging. As a result, today the CVP-500 continues to set the innovation benchmark for automated packaging. At work in various industries, it has become a highly valued business solution in over 9 countries.

Knowing and understanding our customer needs, we have continuously worked to further improve our automated packaging solution. Over the years, the CVP-500 has been optimized to become a better version of itself. Because of this, latest version of our packaging solution has been renamed and will now be called the CVP Impack. The CVP Impack remains as reliable as the CVP-500, but better tuned to your packaging needs.

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Trish Turner Wins Women in Supply Chain Award 2023

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