The CVP-500 wins Dutch Packaging Award 2016

The CVP-500 wins Dutch Packaging Award 2016

The CVP-500 wins Dutch Packaging Award 2016 1920 770 Sparck Technologies

On March 17th the CVP-500 of Sparck Technologies has been awarded with the prestigious Dutch Packaging Award 2016. The fully automated packing solution has won in the category of most Innovative Machine.

The CVP-500

The jury particularly emphasized the savings the CVP-500 provides. The automated packaging solution automates and optimizes all steps of package fulfillment for medium and large products with variable dimensions . It reduces shipping volume up to 50% by creating the smallest parcel needed at the lowest expense, which results in reduction of shipping costs. In addition, a right sized box saves up to 20% on cardboard and eliminates the need for void fill, an environmentally friendly solution.

Bas van Steenoven, Global director of Marketing Sparck Technologies was very proud to receive the award. “The Award is granted to the CVP-500, but is actually a recognition for the entire team. They have all worked very hard in the past few years in order to develop and optimize this new packaging system. And given the great interest the e-commerce market already has shown, the industry is really waiting for a solution like this”.

About the Award

The Dutch Packaging Award is granted every year by a jury of independent experts. The submission must have been developed and created in The Netherlands.
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