Sustainable Packaging Innovations

Internet Fusion Group gains strategic packaging advantages.

Sustainable Packaging Innovations: Fast, automated customised packaging is realizing big rewards for environmentally conscious outdoor-pursuits specialist retailer Internet Fusion Group.

Automation and sustainability go hand in hand.

Tailor made packaging.

Innovative sustainable packaging with the CVP automated packaging solution creates tailor made packaging. These inline auto-packers size, construct, weigh and label each custom order in just seconds, creating the perfect package and eliminating the need for void fill materials. It is the only solution on the market that will auto-pack hard or soft goods without additional boxes, operators or equipment.

Two CVP automated packaging machines have given the Internet Fusion Group the possibility to make significant savings on cardboard, void fill material and shipping costs. This tailor made packaging solution enables Internet Fusion Group to assist supplying brands in removing all unnecessary packaging from their products while continuing to reduce plastics. This way, Internet Fusion provides customers with an entirely plastic free order, sharing their customers values on sustainability.

Internet Fusion Group

Who is the Internet Fusion Group?

Internet Fusion Group is a fast-expanding online retail business with a portfolio of niche brands specialising in life-style products across surf, skate, snow, equestrian, and motor sport, as well as premium street and outdoor fashions. Some of their outdoor and sports enthusiast websites include Surfdome, Ride-Away and Fitness Footwear.

Surviving and thriving in these niche markets demands a deep understanding of the products and market place, a keenness to pursue efficiency within its logistics and fulfillment operations, and a strong desire to act responsibly on the shared values it holds with its customers.

Minimising its environmental impact is an ongoing focus for Internet Fusion Group. Like much of its customer base, the business shares a passion for creating a sustainable future, free from single-use plastics commonly used in packaging. When plastics are used by suppliers, Internet Fusion removes the plastic bags and gives it a second life by partnering with Patagonia. Patagonia then produces clothing made of 100% recycled poly bags.

Benefits of sustainable packaging innovations for Internet Fusion

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The CVP automated packaging solution has given IFG the capacity to expand on the same footprint and cope with peak at optimal performance.

Automated packaging  with CVP technology

Packaging challenge: Sustainable packaging


While fast delivery times continue to be a focal point, consumers also want to purchase from environmentally friendly companies. Automate your packaging to reduce cardboard consumption, eliminate void fill materials and deliver fit to size parcels without unnesseary air to your customers. Strengthen your green initiatives.


Automated packaging eliminates larger than required boxes that incur high shipping costs. Fit to size packaging also reduces cardboard consumption up to 20%. Save on costs by creating the smallest parcel needed at the lowest expense.

Packaging challenge: Reduce DIM Weight
Packaging challenge: Labour


Shortage of, and increasing costs of labour are a continuous challenge
within fulfillment. The CVP automated packaging solutions lowers labour costs by replacing up to 20 manual packing stations while increasing packaging efficiencies. Automated packaging makes the packing process more reliable by ensuring consistent throughput – especially in peak.

Sustainable packaging innovations made by Sparck Technologies. Meet the CVP Impack and CVP Everest, our Automated Packaging Solutions.

CVP Impack | Sparck Technologies
CVP Impack - Sparck
CVP Everest | Sparck Technolies
CVP Everest - Automatische verpakkingsmachine
CVP Impack automatische verpakkingsmachine

Automated Packaging Power

Mid-market volume

Increased efficiencies
Up to 500 boxes per hour

Knowing and understanding our customer needs we have continuously worked to further improve our automated packaging solution. Over the years the CVP-500, predecessor of the CVP Impack, has been optimized in such a way, that it became an new solution entirely.  The latest version of our packaging solution  has therefor been renamed. As of now, the CVP-500 is called the CVP Impack. As reliable as the CVP-500, but better tuned in on our customers packaging needs.

CVP Everest Packaging Solution

High velocity Automated Packaging

Enterprise-level volume

Maximum flexibility
Up to 1,100 boxes per hour

The CVP Everst is the fastest fit to size packaging system on the market. The smallest possible parcel is half the height of the CVP Impack, so also small items can be shipped without air. Savings on cardboard and void fill will increase even further.  The CVP Everest is especcialy designed for webshops and E-commerce companies, who pack and ship thousands of orders every day. With up to 1,100 tailor made boxes per hour the Everest is efficient, sustainable and extremely fast.

Adam Hall | Head of Sustainability at Internet Fusion Group

“In terms of shipping volumes, our calculations indicate that the two CVP-500 machines will offer a reduction of 92 truck loads a year, due to the space savings of fit-to-size packaging.”

Adam Hall | Head of Sustainability at the Internet Fusion Group


A fit-to-size box saves up to 20% on cardboard and eliminates the need for void fill – an environmentally friendly solution that provides significant cost savings.

Packaging challenge: Material savings
CVP Everest high speed automated packaging


The CVP automated packaging solutions package multi-line items fast. Just as fast as single-line items which means no decrease in packing speed. Later cut-off times due to the speed of packing, enabling same day delivery.


The CVP Automated Packaging Solution is designed to handle a broad range of products in one seamless flow: from a book up to a vacuum cleaner. Package a various product mix of hard or soft, single- or multi-item orders in a vast range of sizes.

Packag a diverse product mix

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