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Social distancing measures in the warehouse

How an automated packaging solution helps

The CVP Automated Packaging Solutions require just one operator to produce high-volume packing throughputs, allowing you to take social distancing measures while managing peak periods with ease. And, with the addition of our dual induct station, the CVP can be operated by two people at a safe distance and accelerate speeds even more.

Our automated packaging solutions

CVP Impack

CVP Everest

What’s new in fit-to-sized packaging?

The CVP Automated Packaging Solutions with Dial Induct Station supports social distancing guidelines.

Automated packaging facilitates social distancing

Social distancing measures in the warehouse, especially in the packing area, can be quite a challenge. Coronavirus has radically changed the way consumers live their lives, and businesses will have to adapt quickly to the unexpected demands of the ‘new normal’. Online orders are set to rise, and in response, the fulfilment operation and packing area of every business will need ramp up performance while adjusting to strict guidelines around social distancing. But space constraints, social distancing and labour issues are no longer a barrier to progress. The technology exists to transform packaging performance and keep in pace with the new normal. Discover the great benefits of automated fit-to-size packaging.

Ben Rangecroft Internet Fusion Group

Using our two CVP Impack systems, which are each operated by one person, have massively reduced the requirement for multiple manual packers to be in close proximity. This ensures a much safer work environment for everyone.”

Ben Rangecroft | Operations Manager at Internet Fusion Group

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