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Case Study

Having installed three Sparck CVP machines at its distribution centre in Corby, Northamptonshire, leading toy retailer, Smyths Toys, has implemented Sparck Technologies’ advanced right-size auto-boxing systems to boost throughput for its ecommerce business.






State-of-the-art warehouse

Smyths Toys has over 100 stores in the UK and a busy website offering an extensive range of toys for all ages, from baby and preschool products to outdoor items and gaming. The introduction of Sparck Technologies’ CVP auto-boxing machines is part of a major investment into state-of-the-art warehouse automation at the toy retailer’s Corby fulfilment centre, aimed at increasing capacity and improving sustainability. The move will see over 70% of orders packed automatically by Sparck’s CVP machines.

Commenting on the decision to invest in high-speed fit-to-size packaging technology, Stephen Kearney, Warehouse Manager at Smyths Toys, says: “We believe in automation and have invested in advanced technologies where we can see it will bring significant results. We needed to increase throughput for our fast-growing online business and the most obvious means of achieving the performance required, particularly for peak, was to leverage the speed and efficiency of right-size packaging technology”

Sparck’s CVP technology offered us the flexible solution that we were looking for

Stephen Kearney

Warehouse Manager at Smyths Toys

Kearney continues: “Importantly, these packaging systems are highly flexible, capable of producing tailor-made packages at speed, whilst being able to cater for single or multi-item orders with differing product profiles. We could also see how fit-to-size packaging would help us further improve our position on sustainability through optimising package size and removing the need for void fill.

To optimise throughput and minimise waste all three CVP machines supplied to Smyths Toys have dual induct stations and double corrugate feeders for 600 mm and 800 mm card. Advancing environmental performance, paper tape is used for sealing packages, aiding the recycling of cardboard. Installation of the three machines took place in October 2022 in readiness for peak season.

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