Frasers Group invests in Sparck’s CVP Everest

Frasers Group invests in Sparck’s CVP Everest

Frasers Group invests in Sparck’s CVP Everest 1920 770 Sparck Technologies

Frasers Group invests in Sparck’s high speed automated packaging technology

Sparck Technologies, previously known as Packaging by Quadient, is a global leader in the design and fabrication of advanced, fit-to-size automated packaging systems for high-volume ecommerce applications – award-winning sustainable packaging solutions that eliminate excessive packaging.  Sparck Technologies supplies some of the world’s largest retail and industrial brands, supporting their ecommerce channels with market-leading engineering know-how that combines innovation, reliability and unbeatable performance.

Frasers Group will use Sparck’s most advanced automated packaging system to build exact-sized packages for individual ecommerce orders, single or multiple items, across its premium brands.

CVP Everest Automated Packaging Solution

The CVP Everest is to be installed in early 2021 at Frasers Group’s distribution centre in Shirebrook, Derbyshire. Three separately branded cardboard feeds to the machine will enable the retailer to pack multiple brands in one seamless flow.

Michel Piotrowski, Head of Automation at Frasers Group, says: “The customer experience is of critical importance to us and the quality, sustainability and performance of the packaging we use plays a major part in the customer’s perception of our brands. The CVP Everest delivers on our principle goals – to reduce waste by producing premium packages that are perfectly sized to the order, to use sustainable packaging materials and to improve vehicle utilisation by getting more packages into a vehicle, which in turn reduces our CO2 emissions.”

Jo Bradley - Business development manager at Sparck Technologies

“Making each package the exact size needed to firmly hold and protect the ordered items ­cuts down on wastefulness of materials and the high carbon-cost – and financial cost – of transporting air.”

Jo Bradley | Business Development Director at Sparck Technologies.

Environmentally aware consumers

Jo Bradley, Business Development Manager for Sparck in the UK, says: “We are delighted that Frasers Group has decided to adopt our most advanced packaging system, the CVP Everest. Environmentally aware consumers are increasingly choosing to buy from retailers that demonstrate their commitment to the environment.”

The CVP Everest is a high speed automated packaging solution. The system measures, constructs, seals and labels each parcel in a seamless process – reducing package volumes by up to 50%, cutting cardboard usage by 30% and eliminating the need for void fill. As the CVP Everest makes each package specifically to the size of the individual order, the customer experience is enhanced and trailer volumes are massively reduced – saving transport costs and CO2 emissions.

Learn more about the CVP Impack or CVP Everest Automated Packaging Solutions.

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We are proud to say that the CVP Automated Packaging Solution has been honored with prestigious global awards

We are proud to say that CVP Impack has been honored with prestigious global awards

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