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CNB Computers in Cananda has chosen the CVP Automated Packing Solution

CNB Computers in Cananda has chosen the CVP Automated Packing Solution

CNB Computers in Cananda has chosen the CVP Automated Packing Solution 1920 770 Sparck Technologies

Sparck Technologies announced that CNB Computers, North America’s leading provider of refurbished IT equipment, has chosen the CVP Automated Packing Solution and ProShip® multi-carrier shipping software for their shipping and fulfillment needs. ProShip, Inc., a former Sparck company, is a global provider of logistics software and product solutions located in the US.


Both solutions will give CNB Computers the ability to triple their daily throughput, providing higher service levels to their clients and increased profitability for the company. From packing and box creation to carrier rate shopping and label application, the CVP Automated Packing Solution, coupled with ProShip’s multi-carrier shipping software, will optimize all steps of packing fulfillment for CNB Computers. Both solutions will work together to facilitate higher productivity and a deduction of labor intensive processes, increasing CNB Computers’ bottom line.

“We look forward to having the CVP Automated Packing Solution and ProShip shipping software in our distribution center in Mississauga, Ontario. The solutions will allow us to greatly increase productivity and ship to our customers in a more efficient way,” said Bony Singh, Managing Director at CNB Computers.

“As soon as I saw the CVP in action, I knew it was the right solution for what we wanted to accomplish – more throughput with less labor, which is going to provide a quick return on investment for CNB Computers” added Singh.

“We are thrilled to announce that this is the first CVP Automated Packing in Canada and are delighted to begin our partnership with CNB Computers,” said Jim Holden, Vice President of Sales at ProShip, Inc. “As parcel growth continues to rise year over year, more companies are realizing the need for automated and scalable logistics solutions like the CVP-500.”

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