How do you pack 1,100+ fit to size boxes in just 1 hour?

The CVP Automated Packaging Solutions are inline auto-packers. Made by Sparck Technologies (formerly  Packaging by Quadient), this fit to size packaging technology will size, construct, weigh and label each custom order, creating the perfect tailor made box and eliminating the need for void fill materials.

Watch our customers making fulfillment faster and more efficient with automated packaging!

See how CEVA reduces costs with the CVP Automated Packaging Solution

Tailor made packaging at CEVA | Doos op maat

How Internet Fusion minimised environ-mental impact while expanding capacity

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Create the perfect fit-to-size parcel with the lowest possible costs.

Automated fit to size packaging is fast and flexible

The case for a fast, efficient, economical and secure means of automating the packaging is solid – but how can it be done? Effectively, could a machine be immediately adjusted as desired, even at volumes of up to a thousand packages an hour? The answer is yes. Meet the CVP Everest and the CVP Impack: the automated packaging solutions by Sparck.

The Pinnacle of Automated Packaging Technology

Automate your way to more profits

Mid-Market volume

Increased efficiencies
up to 500 boxes per hour

CVP Everest
CVP Everest high velocity packaging

High velocity automated packaging

Enterprise-level volume

Maximum flexibility
up to 1,100 boxes per hour

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