Van Eupen in Germany buys sustainable CVP Impack

Van Eupen in Germany buys sustainable CVP Impack

Van Eupen in Germany buys sustainable CVP Impack 2560 1920 Sparck Technologies

Van Eupen provides sustainable fit-to-size packages for MEDION

German logistics services provider, van Eupen, has invested in an advanced, fit-to-size automated packaging solution at its Unna DC to optimise fulfillment of e-commerce orders for its customer MEDION, a manufacturer of electronic consumer goods.

The CVP Impack, from Sparck Technologies,  is a state-of-the-art automated packaging system that produces up to 500 fit-to-size packages per hour. The system tailor-makes each cardboard box to the exact size required per order, which may include single or multiple items. Customers supplied from van Eupen’s Unna DC receive their orders – that may range from headsets to smartphones or laptops – in perfectly-sized boxes. Being exactly the right size, no excess packing is wasted, and by creating a snug fit, the environmentally friendly packages protect goods in transit without the need for filler materials.

CVP Impack Van Eupen

Sustainable packaging is key

Dr. Michael Ott, Head of Logistics / Warehouse at van Eupen Logistik GmbH & Co. KG, says: „The topic of sustainability is playing an increasingly important role for us and our customers. Because we can save transport volume and reduce the consumption of packaging material with the new solution, we are getting a lot closer to our goals for reducing carbon dioxide emissions.” He adds, “Thanks to automation, we can handle strong increases in demand without additional labour in the shipping area.“

According to the logistics expert, key factors influencing the decision to purchase the system included: performance parameters of the system, the broad range of possible package dimensions and the impressive price-performance ratio.

Claus Weigel | Sparck Technologies

By moving to fit-to-size boxes, both transport volume and corrugated board consumption can be significantly reduced.

Claus Weigel  | Senior Sales Manager DACH at Sparck Technologies

Reduce and save

Claus Weigel, International Senior Sales Manager at Sparck Technologies, explains: „With our years of know-how, we have developed packaging solutions that are both cost-saving and sustainable. By moving to fit-to-size boxes produced by a CVP Impack system, both transport volume and corrugated board consumption can be significantly reduced. Also, in most cases, filling material can be dispensed with completely.”

“We’re delighted that our packaging solution is helping van Eupen to position itself for sustainable future growth. And in terms of conservation of resources and reduction of carbon footprint, the 3PL is exemplary in Germany,“ says Weigel.

Optimise processes

Commenting on the revolutionary fit-to-size packaging system, Tim Stoeppler, Director Operations and Analytics at MEDION, says: “MEDION is always on the lookout for new ways to conserve resources and optimise processes. We are therefore delighted that our logistics partner van Eupen is using Sparck Technologies‘ CVP Impack, a new solution that not only enables efficient automation of shipping processes, but also provides sustainable e-commerce packaging. The system significantly reduces the consumption of packaging materials and enables changes in demand to be met far more easily thanks to the increased flexibility that it offers.“

Van Eupen devotes around 10,000 square metres of space to MEDION at its Unna DC – approximately a quarter of the total multi-user facility. Until recently, the goods were packed manually but now, only two van Eupen employees are needed to load the CVP Impack per shift – even at peak times, such as Black Friday. Every hour, 500 fit-to-size boxes can be produced, which are distributed to end customers via CEP companies.

To ensure fast fulfillment to MEDION customers, the automated packaging system produces 500 boxes per hour – one every seven seconds. The system automatically scans, calculates, cuts, folds, glues, weighs and labels each box. To document the correct packaging process, a short video is automatically created for each operation.

Since entering the DACH market in 2020, Sparck Technologies has expanded its technical and support team in the region, ensuring continuous systems availability to van Eupen. Using remote technology, technicians can access machines directly and review footage from system mounted cameras. If necessary, an engineer can be on site in no time. In addition, customers benefit from training, comprehensive spare parts packages and regular software maintenance.

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We are proud to say that the CVP Automated Packaging Solution has been honored with prestigious global awards

We are proud to say that CVP Impack has been honored with prestigious global awards

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