CVP-500 wins two Awards in March 2016

CVP-500 wins two Awards in March 2016

CVP-500 wins two Awards in March 2016 400 445 Sparck Technologies

CVP-500 wins two awards

On March 17th, the CVP-500 of Sparck Technologies has been awarded with the prestigious Dutch Packaging Award 2016. The fully automated packing solution has won in the category of the most Innovative Machine.

The Dutch Packaging Award is granted every year by a jury of independent experts. The submission must have been developed and created in The Netherlands.

Dutch Packaging Award Bas en HeddeBas Van Steenoven and Hedde Biesma from Sparck Technologies receiving the Award

A few days later, on March 25th, the CVP-500 is again awarded with the “Prix de l’Innovation Intra-logistique” (intralogistics innovation award) during the SITL 2016 trade show.

With this award, SITL Europe enables companies to compete for the development of a product, service or innovative organization in the Transport and Logistics sectors.

Each file is subject to a comprehensive study by a jury composed of professionals recognized for their skills and representative of the various professions in Transport and Logistics. The winners were honored at an Awards Ceremony during the event.

“All files were solid and of quality, and innovative. This year, the jury, in general , has been more sensitive to innovations involving human and environmental issues at the heart of the logistics process . Security and integrated solutions in a connected environment also guided the selection” confessed Alain Bagnaud, Manager of Reed Exhibitions Transport & Logistics and President of the Jury.”

Innovation Logistique 2016Carine Guerbet and Claude Blanc from Sparck with Gabriel Schumacher, a Jury member and Supply Chain Director of BSH Electroménager

These two awards reflect the rise of robotics and automation in Logistics. And, the CVP- 500 is a perfect example by creating fit to size parcels and automating the packing process while optimizing volume, materials consumption and storage space.

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