CVP-500 becomes CVP Impack

The CVP-500 has a successor

The CVP-500 is an automated packaging solution for fit-to-size packaging. This inline auto-packer measures, constructs, tapes, weighs and labels each order every 7 seconds. It is the only solution on the market that will auto-pack hard or soft goods without additional boxes, operators or equipment.

CVP-500 wordt CVP Impack

The prototype of the award winning CVP-500 was introduced in 2014. Ever since we have moved forward in automated packaging. As a result, the CVP-500 continued to set the innovation benchmark for automated packaging. At work in various industries it became a highly valued business solution in over 9 countries.

Knowing and understanding our customer needs we have continuously worked to further improve our automated packaging solution. Over the years the CVP-500 has been optimized in such a way, that it became an new solution entirely.  The latest version of our packaging solution  has therefor been renamed. As of now, the CVP-500 is called the CVP Impack. As reliable as the CVP-500, but better tuned in on your packaging needs.

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Sparck Technologies invests for growth with Polish acquisition

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