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Automation for peak packaging as E-commerce faces a new reality

Why automated peak packaging? Online fulfillment is facing a new reality. One of frequent and dramatic spikes in demand as consumer behavior shifts based on economic conditions or time of year. This continues to cause significant supply chain challenges for ecommerce retailersespecially in the packing and shipping areas. How can companies successfully navigate these extreme peaks when labour resources are short or unavailable, shipping prices are increasing, and demand just keeps going up 

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Solving the peak packaging challenges with automated packaging

The parcel packaging area is one of the most labour intensive areas in the fulfillment proces. In peak periods many e-commerce retailers have focused on optimizing the picking productivity more than on parcel packaging. This can be a big mistake as packaging relates to labour, shipping costs, warehouse efficiencies and the customer experience.

Peak periods aren’t fairly predictable anymore, as retailers also face sudden surges in demand as a result of unexpected events. Buying patterns are changing and customers are becoming more demanding. Peaks are no longer measured in weeks or days, but sometimes by the hour.

Peak Season packaging | Sparck Technologies

How can retailers adapt to this? Constructing boxes, packing, weighing, sealing and labelling manually is a slow process and creating additional packaging stations for what may be only a few days, weeks or months is economically unprofitable. So how will e-commerce retailers cope with the new reality of frequent and dramatic spikes in consumer demand?

The case for a fast, efficient and economical means of automating the packaging and labelling of online orders during peak is convincing – but can it be done? The answer is YES.  

Peak Season packaging | Sparck Technologies

Sparck Technologies has two reliable high-velocity fit-to-size automated packaging solutions, the CVP Everest and CVP Impack. The CVP Impack packs up to 500 tailor made parcels per hour requiring only one operator while the CVP Everest auto-packs 1,100+ parcels per hour and uses two operators. 

With the CVP Automated packaging solutions peak packaging won’t be about stress and delay anymore. Auto-packing can even give you the opportunity to push back your cut-off times. Giving your customers more time to order, even in peak times.

Download your free copy of our Playbook about Peak Packaging and read all about the benefits of automated packaging.

The E-commerce numbers keep rising and so do the challenges in the packing area

Peak Season packaging | Sparck Technologies
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Are you ready for the next peak?

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