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Increased interest in automated packaging systems

CVP-500 Reliability

Many e-commerce businesses are facing a ‘perfect storm’ of increasing order volumes coupled with diminishing labour availability. Finding staff for busy packaging and despatch operations is becoming increasingly difficult, particularly during peak period.

As increased buying power continues to create opportunity for a range of businesses, parcel packaging challenges can limit growth and compromise customer relationships. Survey reports showcase that excessive packaging is one of the most annoying things about online shopping. Oversize boxes aren’t just an annoyance to consumers, it’s is a growing consumer concern. The same surveys show that many customers feel more positively about brands that are trying to reduce unnecessary packaging.

Cost pressures too, along with mounting consumer concerns over excessive packaging and large voids around packed items, are leading to a significant rise in interest in automated solutions that can boost productivity in despatch halls.

Automated Packaging

The case for a fast, efficient, economical and secure means of automating the packaging is convincing – but how can it be done?  Effectively, could a machine flex to demand, even at volumes of up to a thousand packages an hour? The answer is yes. Meet the CVP Everest and the CVP Impack: the automated packaging systems by Sparck.

The Pinnacle of Automated Packaging Technology

Automate your way to more profits

Mid-Market Volume

Increased efficiencies
Up to 500 boxes per hour

CVP Everest | Sparck Technolies
CVP Everest high velocity packaging

High velocity automated packaging

Enterprise-level Volume

Maximum flexibility
Up to 1,100 boxes per hour

What is automated packaging?

The CVP Automated Packaging Solutions are inline packaging machines. Made by Sparck (formerly Quadient), this fit to size technology will determine size, construct, weigh and label each separate order, creating the perfect parcel and eradicating the need for void fill materials. Companies worldwide benefit from a seamless packing process, saving labour costs while reducing box volume and corrugate usage.

Place order on induct station

1Place order on induct station

Single- or multi- item orders can be handeled by one operator for maximum packaging capacity.

2Tailored packaging

Each unique order is 3D-scanned to ascertain the minimum box size required. Corrugate is cut to size to eliminate excessive volume and the need for void fill. The order is then auto-packed in a fit to size box.

2. Fit-to-size packaging
3. Box is sealed, weighed and labeled

3Package ready for shipping

Every box is firmly sealed, weighed on the in-line scale, and automatically receives a carrier-compliant shipping label.

Find out how to pack smarter, faster and more efficiently with an automated packaging system



Auto packing to eliminate up to 20 packing stations and ensure smooth workflows even during peak production periods and future growth.

Shipping Volume


The CVP reduces box volume up to 50% by creating the smallest box needed at the lowest expense, resulting in the undermost possible shipping costs. A fit to size box reduces corrugate spend and minimizes or eleminates void fill usage.

high velocity speed


This automated packaging machines packs multi-line items rapid. Just as fast as single-line items which means no cutback in packing speed. Later cut-off times due to the speed of packing, enabling same day delivery.

Diverse product mix


The CVP is designed to handle a broad range of products in one seamless flow: from a book up to a vacuum cleaner. Package a diverse product mix of hard of soft single- or multi-item orders in an enormous range of sizes.



A tailored package saves up to 20% on cardboard and eliminates the need for void fill – an eco friendly solution that provides compelling cost savings.

Less environmental impact by automated packaging


While fast delivery times continue to be a focal point, consumers also want to purchase from environmentally friendly companies.
Automated packaging to create sustainable practices and improve your environmental footprint.

Reliable processes with the CVP Automated Packaging Solution


Sparck’s number one priority is to ensure our customers meet or exceed their production and service levels by providing direct customer support. Our customers are pleased with the CVP uptime and our service options which support their productivity goals, exceeding many customers expectations.

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