40 million CVP boxes made worldwide

40 million CVP boxes made worldwide

40 million CVP boxes made worldwide 1920 1080 Sparck Technologies

An infographic to show the benefits of fit-to-size packaging

We celebrate 40 million CVP boxes made worldwide!

The boxes were made by our two reliable high-velocity fit-to-size automated packaging solutions, the CVP Everest and CVP Impack. They have amazing operational, cost and environmental benefits. These inline auto-packers optimize all steps of package fulfillment by measuring, constructing, boxing, taping, weighing and labeling each single- or multi-item order with one operator every three or seven seconds.The CVP Impack packs up to 500 tailor-made parcels per hour requiring only one operator, while the CVP Everest auto-boxes up to 1,100 parcels per hour. The CVP Impack has the design capability to replace up to 15 packing desks by auto-packing multiple- or single- items very fast, the high velocity CVP Everest can replace up to 30 packing stations. Saving on labour, while improving packaging process efficiencies.

Fit-to-size CVP boxes improve customers’ unboxing experience and eliminate the need for void fill material. This also reduces the volume for each order, greatly saving transportation costs.

As we reach this exciting global milestone, here is what happens when 40 million parcels are shipped in fit-to-size CVP boxes:

40 million CVP boxes infographic
See the CVP in action
CVP Impack | Sparck Technologies

Automated Packaging Power

Increased Efficiencies
Up to 500 boxes per hour

CVP Everest | Sparck Technolies

High-Velocity Packaging

Maximum Flexibility
Up to 1,100 boxes per hour

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